Rollover Accidents

It can happen in a matter of moments. A collision, tire blowout, or simple mistake can cause a speeding car to shift direction suddenly and begin to tumble over. The rollover itself only takes mere seconds to run its course, but in this short length of time, the dangers encountered are both large and dangerous.

What Dangers are Occupants Exposed to in a Rollover Accident?

Occupants of a vehicle involved in a rollover can encounter any and all of these dangers during a crash, and while some may come out with only minor injuries, many others are not as lucky.

Hazards During and After a Rollover Accident

  • Flying Debris: Due to the violent nature of a rollover, pieces of the inside and outside of the vehicle can be broken, windows may be shattered, and anything in the vehicles may be sent flying. This debris can strike victims, causing cuts, bruises, and broken bones.
  • Whiplash: Even when fully restrained by seatbelts, victims can suffer major whiplash due to the sudden and violent motion of the rollover. Heads can be whipped back and forth, causing serious neck injuries.
  • Partial Ejection: If a window is shattered or opened in a crash and an occupant is not properly restrained, he or she may be partially ejected. This will cause part, but not all, of the victim’s body to hang out of the vehicle. This may cause him or her to be crushed by the vehicle if it is still rolling.
  • Complete Ejection: This occurs when a victim is completely thrown out of the car due to not being restrained at all. This is easily the most devastating result of a rollover and commonly ends in fatal injuries.
  • Fires: Because rollovers can damage any and all parts of a car, especially if the vehicle collides with a solid object such as a tree or building, major damage can be done to the gas tank, engine, and other vital parts. While uncommon in most crashes, a fire may break out, endangering the lives of everyone in and around the vehicle. If the fire is not immediately put out or victims are not taken out of harm’s way, serious and fatal injuries can be suffered.

Proving Fault, Finding Legal Aid

The New Jersey rollover car accident attorneys at Lependorf & Silverstein understand that many rollover accidents are completely out of the control of a driver and are the fault of another party. Through our skilled and experienced legal representation, we work to prove this fault and claim the full amount of compensation that is needed by all victims in order to recover from the physical and financial losses suffered in a crash. To learn more about how we can aid you if you or a loved one has been involved in a rollover accident, call us at (609) 240-0040.

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