Florida (FL)

Florida State Bar Associations

  • The Florida Bar – A guardian for the integrity of the legal profession, The Florida Bar is the statewide professional organization of lawyers. The Florida Bar serves as an advocate and intermediary for attorneys, the court and the public.
  • Broward County Bar Association – The Broward County Bar Association, a not-for-profit organization, was founded in 1925 to foster courtesy, ethics, and professionalism among lawyers, to educate the citizens of Broward County on their legal rights, and to provide necessary legal services to Broward County’s residents.
  • Dade County Bar Association – The Dade County Bar Association was incorporated in 1920 to serve the lawyers of this county, to promote the administration of justice, to enhance attorney professionalism, and to cultivate positive relationships among all members of the Bar.
  • Hillsborough County Bar Association – We are a membership association of Hillsborough County attorneys, judges and legal professionals. Our mission is to inspire and promote respect for the law and the justice system through service to the legal profession and to the community. We offer a wide variety of services to the general public and work closely with the community. Our Lawyer Referral Service can assist you in finding a qualified attorney.
  • Jacksonville Bar Association – Organized on February 4, 1897 with 33 members, The Jacksonville Bar Association published its objectives in its original constitution, to maintain the honor and dignity of the profession; to regulate the practice and promote improvements in the law and methods of its administration; to cultivate professional ethics among its members; and to discuss legal topics of general interest.
  • Orange County Bar Association – Founded in 1933, the Orange County Bar Association has been the primary vehicle for area attorneys to meet, exchange information related to their legal specialty areas, and provide valuable legal and community services to residents in surrounding communities.The OCBA is proud to claim members who have achieved regional, state and national recognition for their professionalism, integrity, knowledge and just application of the law. The OCBA is a 3,200-member voluntary association in Orlando, Florida.