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Cruise ship trips are meant to be a time for great fun and memories. Unfortunately, serious accidents are not an uncommon occurrence and frequently make headlines every year. No one expects that their trip will be marked by pain and loss, especially when setting out for adventure and joy on the high seas. Returning from a ship with injuries and illnesses can cause major complications for a victim’s life and place a heavy financial burden on them.

The causes of these accidents and the trauma that can be experienced can widely vary between incidents. Additionally, cruise lines will also try their best to limit their liability and preserve their profits by battling back against those they have injured. Whether you are currently coping with injuries and simply want to be prepared, stay in the know about these accidents and your legal rights.

Dangers Onboard

Cruise ships are touted as being safe and dependable luxury liners that allow passengers to enjoy a stress-free and relaxing trip. However, many hazards can crop up onboard, either due to the natural effects of being on the sea or the dangerous action of crew members and owners. While the event of a ship sinking may be the worst case scenario, there are many other incidents that can endanger individual passengers or the ship as a whole.

Due to sea spray and continual use from passengers and crew members, slip and fall hazards can easily occur across the ship. Combined with slick surfaces, this can easily lead to a major fall for unsuspecting victims. Workers have a responsibility to clean up such messes before anyone is hurt.

As evidence by the February 2013 Carnival cruise ship disaster, a major power outage or engine failure can leave passengers stranded out on the ocean. These suddenly terrible conditions can endanger the health and safety of those onboard until help can arrive.

Problems with sewage and piping systems can expose crew and passengers to toxic waste. This can easily cause illnesses of many different kinds. Additionally, close quarters with so many different people can expose passengers to potential sickness. Seasickness is a common aspect of ship travel. However, medication should be available to help anyone experiencing illness or any other types of injury.

Cruise ship disappearances, often caused by people falling overboard, are incredibly dangerous. Ships need high railings to prevent these often fatal ship accidents from occurring and need quick-responding and attentive crew to find those who have been lost as soon as possible.

The Goals of Cruise Lines

Cruise lines, like all businesses, are focused on meeting their financial goals and maximizing their profits. While this informs the way the company is run, it also affects how they deal with those who have been harmed by their dangerous actions. As such, they will attempt to pay little or nothing to those who have suffered losses while on one of their ships.

Besides trying to pin some accidents on the actions of the victims, cruise ships often have passengers sign waiver forms and various other agreements to release them from liability. However, there is still hope for those who face these obstacles, as agreements concerning the natural dangers onboard ships may not apply to accidents caused by negligent or reckless actions that should have never occurred. Through strong legal representation and use of dependable evidence and testimony, finding needed compensation is possible.

Hope for the Future of Victims

At the Jurewitz Law Group, our San Diego cruise ship accident attorneys are dedicated to helping victims recover from the losses they have experienced on board. The idea of going up against cruise owners and their legal team may seem intimidating, but with our help, you can have dedicated and tenacious representation with you every step of the way. If you have been injured by a cruise ship’s staff or owners, you deserve fair and full compensation. To learn more about how we can help you find a better future, contact our offices today by dialing (888) 233-5020.

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