Bus Accidents

Millions of people rely on buses each day to get where they are going. From daily commuters, to school children, to tourists, buses provide one of the most convenient and cost-efficient ways to travel.

However, every day, thousands of passengers who board buses and entrust their personal safety to the driver and the vehicle suffer serious injuries or worse in accidents that could have been otherwise prevented.

If you or a loved one were injured in a bus-related accident, the aftermath can be a traumatic and confusing time for all involved. But it is vital to know your legal rights and to identify the factors that led to the event, especially if it leaves life-altering or devastating consequences.

Common Bus Accident Causes: Who is at Fault?

  • Bus Size and Design – The sheer size and design of buses automatically puts passengers in a vulnerable position, particularly because most buses do not offer seatbelts. When a bus rolls over during a collision, the passengers are at a much higher risk of sustaining catastrophic injuries or of being ejected from the vehicle because there are no safety restraints.
  • Driver Distraction – Driver negligence or inattention can quickly lead to major injuries and fatalities if the driver loses control of the bus, causing it to roll over or to collide with other vehicles.
  • Improper Maintenance – It is every bus company’s legal obligation to provide secure and well-maintained vehicles and equipment for bus drivers and their passengers. Defective parts, inattention to safety procedures, and unrepaired or improperly repaired damage can all lead to tragic accidents.
  • Hazardous Road Conditions – Bad weather, faulty roadways, construction, or poor lighting can all create dangerous driving conditions. The designers and maintainers of public roadways are responsible for responding appropriately to hazardous road conditions, either by repairing damages or warning motorists of unsafe areas.

What to Do

Following a bus accident, it is crucial that you document as many details as possible about the event. Request copies of law enforcement and medical records, and never discuss the accident with your insurance company or another party without first consulting legal counsel.

Know Your Legal Rights

Holding the appropriate party liable for a bus accident is the first step to recovery. The bus crash attorneys at Breyer Law Offices, P. C. can help you obtain the compensation you deserve if you were injured or lost a loved one in a bus-related accident. Mark and Alexis Breyer take a professional and compassionate approach to guiding you through the legal process of your personal injury or wrongful death claim. Call us today to schedule a free consultation to discuss your case and learn more about your rights.

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